Golden life with happiness

In China Merchants-Colisée, everyday life is  full of happiness.

From the beginning, we have had already 50 residents in our family.

Here, they have found their interests in the daily life, they made new friends, and they become stronger and happier than before.

Now, let’s see what happened in this happy family.

DIY classes

Pottery class

Residents’ works in the pottery class

Succulent planting class

Residents attending the flower class

Delicious food

“Zongzi”workshop in Dragon Boat Festival

Handmade mooncakes

Afternoon Tea and Chinese Music

Tasting Cantonese Dim Sum

Intergenerational Happiness 

Gifts from the children

Performance from the family member

Intergenerational chorus

Keep learning in the trip

One day in Bao Mo Garden

Visit The Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Not too early, not too late, now is the best time in life.

And we will be here with all the residents for their golden life.

China Merchants-Colisée, care to perfection.