With our high-end environment,

adapted functionalities,

elegant furniture and expert hospitality team,

we strive to provide a warm and welcoming place

to make our residents feel special.



The customized program is built together by the resident, their family and the medical team.
We evaluate each resident’s health state, and proposal the fittest care plan. At the same time, a daily program is customized, according to their care plan, based on their experience, habits, tastes and health requirements.
The family is quit important as the tie between the resident and the society. They are also the mental support for the resident. To participate in the daily program, the family has the responsibility to know more about the resident.
The customized rehabilitation program and enough body exercise for every day, is beneficial for the health. Their leisure activities highly depend on their wishes and habits, with the right amount and intensity. Taking into account their eating habits and personal needs, we arrange a balanced and healthy diet plan for them.
We accompany and take care of the resident with catered service 24/7 on hand. The multidisciplinary medical and care team will constantly optimize the plan through follow-up meetings and doctor appointments, according to the elderly person’s latest physical condition.



We are all members of society. Our culture needs exchanges, and the elderly also needs to maintain their circle of social life.
We help the elderly to keep in touch with their family, friends and the community. At the same time, we encourage the elderly to integrate into new environment, make new friends, and participate in various entertainment activities.
We organize also interest workshops and outing activities, in order to make the chance for them to know new things and good way to maintain their learning ability. Let them choose to participate in their favorite recreational activities, is useful to help keeping a positive emotions.