Discover a different world

I heard that the life of the elderly is like a boring day.
I heard that once I was older, I couldn’t learn anything.
I heard that if the body is degraded, there is no way to feel the world outside…
Here in China Merchants-Colisée,
The above “heards” are really just hearsay.

On a clear summer morning, the temperature is fairly comfortable. The residents of the Shekou Nursing Center have got up early, just like usual. They are going to visit the new cultural landmark of Shenzhen, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center.

Arrived in the center
Watch the presentation film
Touch and feel the artwork
Observe the artwork
Listen to the presentation
Picture with Mr. Ole Bouman

After the visit, our residents were as excited as the children. They have lamented that the world has changed too much, and there are many things that have never been heard before. Even though these new things have surpassed their culture, they represent a new era. They are very willing to take the time to look at these new things and get in touch with new trends.