Golden Age, Wonderful Life

From spring to autumn,

from the beginning of the year to the present,

in Guangzhou and Shenzhen two nursing home, we work hard with a lot of passion.


Care to perfection,

just hope to let our residents feel at “home”, and enjoy their golden age with peace of mind.


Now, let’s review these wonderful moments together.

We love learning-Lectures for senior health

Besides theory learning, we need also practice-Ba Duan Jin body exercise

Mountain climbing on Chongyang, Chinese Elderly Day

Art belongs to everyone-Tie dyeing workshop

Handmade birthday card- best wishes from residents

Peace and Zen-Calligraphy workshop

Residents are teachers in the life-Cantonese class

Guangzhou and Shenzhen Residents’ Art Exhibition

Love the elderly, from generation to generation- visit of Shenzhen International School Parent Alliance

No matter how old we are, happiness can be always shared-Baking workshop

Red BBQ Party for residents and all the “family” members