First anniversary, always care to perfection

On March 30, 2019, the Shekou Nursing Center held a birthday celebration for its first anniversary. The residents and their family members, employees and the elderly in the surrounding community attended a happy and memorable Saturday afternoon.

In the celebration, Olivier Dessajan (general manager of China Merchants-Colisée), Meng Li (Shekou Nursing Center Director), Changwen Zhang ( Director of Operation of Shekou Nursing Center), and Louis Martinet (Director of Medical), respectively, summed up the achievements of the past year and the prospects for the next year’s work.

After that, Mr Guo, represantive of the resident, got up to the stage and expressed their feelings and changes since their stay. He also wrote a gift entitled “Song of Guanyi” for the first anniversary, which affirmed and praised the team work. The whole team was encouraged, and they gave a warm applause sounded.

Song of Guanyi

Guanyi is full of love, it cares about our feeling.

It treats us like friends and family, and it helps us kindly,

Medical team’s always there, and care is no stopping.

We have wonderful time, we settle down our mind.

Life is happy indeed, it gives us a peaceful thinking.

Afterwards, everyone moved to the hall and sang “We Toast” and “Ode to Joy” together, using their most sincere voice to celebrate the anniversary.

The reverberation of the song was still there, and the anniversary cake was slowly coming. The jumping candlelight signified a new beginning. Here, we are family, sharing the trifle of everyday, and also savoring the sweetness of life.

Everyone came to the back garden in a laugh. They released a small turtle in the small pool. “Health and longevity” is the best wish for them.

Then, everyone went back to the restaurant and planted a small plant, “Happy and Carefree” is the most beautiful expectation of life.