Inter-generational love : first resident and first baby celebrate their birthday

The baby of employee Angel, is the new family member in CMC expected by all the others in the nursing home. Before Angel’s maternity leave, staffs and residents organized a “welcome party” specially for Angel and her baby. Our first resident Grandma Xu presented her “ Bai jia bei”, quilt made by 100 families (“100” here is not a exact number, means “a lot of”) , with everyone’s good wishes for the baby : happiness, peace and health.

After several weeks, it was Grandma Xu’s birthday, and we received the good news from Angel: the baby was born! Old friends bless the “new” friend deeply, from now on, they can celebrate together their birthday on the same day.

When we come here, we become families, the love and warmth of the family is much more than this. The friendship and closeness between generations, the love between the old and the young continue here.