About us

At China Merchants-Colisee,

we develop an international and professional medical solution dedicated to elders.

We devote ourselves to offering premium customized care in the loving home.

Montessori and non-medical rehabilitation therapy

are introduced in the High-end personalized health care program.

Besides, we pay attention to the psychological needs,

spiritual needs and self-development needs of the elderly,

to delay the physical decline comes behind with age.

We hope to accompany every residents to create their meaningful and joyful life

In their wonderful and unique golden age.

Our origin

Established in 2015, we are a unique blend of two industry leaders : China Merchants, the high-end community pioneering developer, and Colisee, a French institution recognized worldwide for its innovative senior medical care expertise.

Colisee is a leading pension operation institution in France, which has over 40 years’ experience in senior care and management. Colisee has more than 400 medical nursing homes, and most of them provide professional Alzheimer care service.

Now, we have already 2 nursing homes in operation: Guangzhou Panyu International Recovery and Senior Care Center, and Shenzhen Guanyi Home Shekou Nursing Center.


Our commitment

“Care to Perfection”

Going beyond traditional care solution, we provide the highly advanced international and personalized program to help the elderly.

Both medical and non-medical therapy to help maintain their autonomy.

Our fully-equipped facilities are all customized to meet each resident’s specific needs, with a comfortable environment , a thoughtful and thorough service and a dedicated caring team.


Interational Expert Team

Every month, the international medical experts team comes to visit the project and organizes the training, which is about advanced nursing knowledge of the senior care industry, mainly including daily nursing techniques and special first aid for the elderly in different situations. Beside knowing basic information of the elderly, for special cases, the medical team will adjust the corresponding accompany plan, rehabilitation and medical program.

In addition, professional medical lectures related to senior care are organized for the residents and families from the surrounding communities. We help the public learning more about the daily needs of the elderly and the experience of senior health care in the foreign countries.