At China Merchants-Colisee, we develop an international, professional medical solution dedicated to elders. We devote ourselves to offering dependent elders premium customized care with the reassurance of a loving home.

“Care to perfection” is our belief and main goal.


Care to Perfection

Going beyond traditional care solution, we provide the highly advanced international medical and non-drug therapy to help maintain the autonomy of the elderly.

Our fully-equipped facilities are all customized to meet each resident’s specific needs, with a comfortable environment , a thoughtful and thorough service and a dedicated caring team.


A Unique Blend Of Two
Industry Leaders

Established in 2015, we are a unique blend of two industry leaders : China Merchants, the high-end community pioneering developer, and Colisee, a French institution recognized worldwide for its innovative senior medical care expertise.

Colisee is a leading pension operation institution in France, which has over 30 years’ experience in senior care and management. Colisee has more than 100 medical nursing homes, and most of them provide professional Alzheimer care service.

It was mostly expanded in France. The problem of ageing society all over the world has given us the opportunity to share our expertise and experience in health care, especially with the dependent elderly. During the last few years, Colisee group has already been developing its business worldwide, like in Spain, Italy and China, etc.

China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings was founded in 1979. With 40 years’ development, it has become one of the most advanced city & industrial zone development and operation service provider.

The key businesses of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings include compound development & operation, industrial zone development & operation, and cruise industry construction & operation. It has locations in more than 40 cities and over 200 on-going business projects. The total asset of China Merchants Shekou Industrial is about 241.84 billion RMB. It also owns over 34 million m2 land holdings and 12 million construction areas. It has more than 21,000 employees now.