Feel beautiful life with peaceful mind: horticulture & decompression

For a better and joyful life experience, we need to release the pressure.

Some pressures are from ourselves. For example, the pressure on the elderly is often caused by physical discomfort or reduced mobility which makes them feel upset.

And some pressure comes from the surrounding environment. For example, caregivers’ pressure usually comes from daily work and tasks.

For the elderly, we try with horticulture therapy.

These simple activities help them to shift their attention to what they are doing rather than their own physical conditions. The growth of the plant can give them good imagination and hope, that will be helpful to relieve the inner pressure. Without psychological pressure, the body’s discomfort will be reduced accordingly, and the medical treatment of the disease will be relatively easier.

For the caregiver, we organize the “Decompression Activity for Caregiver” with the social workers service station in the district.

The activity provides a scientific and effective platform for the caregivers work in the institutions. It is also open to family, to help family member solve the daily routines pressure at home. Helping caregiver release stress is an essential part of ensuring high quality service.

We believe, one can enjoy the life regardless of his age and his physical condition.

Care to perfection.